Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OOTD: Summer in the Shade

It's Summer!!Well actually it's been summer for a while but it's really been feeling like summer lately with the scorching sun and overly excited mosquitos (O_O).

Hi everyone!!I am so happy to say that I am finally back with a new OOTD for you guys(: These last few months have been exhausting with school and work but I can't exactly say I haven't been lazy either ahah

Here are the pictures I took earlier today. I took them outside my house because I didn't feel like going anywhere so sorry for the lack of scenery!!I will definitely work on that for the next post^_^

Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Jewelry: They were a gift

The outfit is nothing really special but I did really like the wedges I wore. I actually liked them so much that I bought another pair but in nude. I will probably wear them in a another OOTD sometime soon(:

So lately I've been really getting into exercising and just really working on my overall health. I wouldn't say that I'm at a bad weight or physique but my personal goal is be more fit and toned, mostly in my legs. I've only just started so there's not much to report. I may post up pictures of my progress if I feel like there's a difference, which I really hope will be the case.

How about you guys??Do you have any fitness goals this summer??If not, you can tell me about how your summer is going, your plans, anything!!Please leave your answers in the comments, I would love to hear about them^_^ I really miss chatting with you guys!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the pictures^_^


  1. nothing special?! girl you look gorgeous in this outfit!!!! if I didn't look at the description I totally thought this is one-piece/a dress. I'm curious what the nude wedges look like (:

    congrats on being done with school! My fitness goal is mainly just staying active and maintaining weight lol. it's so easy to slack off on my ass haha. I think you should share it! I shared mine when I started my fitness project and I feel like it really helped me staying committed because I felt like I need to report back with some kind of result XD

    1. ahah thank you so much Frances!!^_^
      I'm trying to stay active as well but it's way too hot outside to run so I'm just doing exercises insidelol
      And yea I think I will try to share some pictures because I can definitely see myself slacking offXP

  2. Omgg I've missed reading your blog so so much ^O^
    Was super excited when i saw that you had a new post hehe, you looks SO PRETTY in that outfit! I especially love the skirt, it's such a gorgeous maroon colour and you pull it off so well~~
    I really miss wearing clothes like that but it's way too cold in Australia to be wearing skirts >_<


    1. Thank you so much Fifi!!Definitely missed reading your posts as well(:
      And yea, I think the color was what really pushed me to buy the skirt ahah
      It is dangerously hot over here so I wouldn't mind visiting Australia^_^

  3. hi dianna! i cant believe i missed this post wah. were on the same page on the fitness wagon. most of my shopping money goes to sports attire lately - sports bras / shorts / tops etc. if you have those maybe you can share it on your next post too cause im in dying need for more sports brand options :)

    ps. you look like a superstar as always :) love the maroon + black combo. its something i usually wear during Christmas :)

    1. ahah same!!slowly, I'm just starting to wear my workout
      clothes everywhere, they're just so comfortable!!XD
      for now, I am just wearing stuff from nike and north face
      so I don't really know much about other brandslolsorry!!
      but I'm thinking that maybe if I see some improvements
      in the next month, I'll award myself with some new nikes^_^
      thank you so much for the comment Shayne!!(:

  4. *____* So pretty! Definitely a great summer date outfit! I SUPER love your wedges, are those comfy? Charlotte Russe usually has affordable things but I wonder about the quality especially the shoes. >.>; Aaaand I wish I was your "out of shape" haha. I need to jump on that fitness band wagon too, but it requires me getting up at 4am before work to squeeze in a 1 hr workout ;____;

    1. thank you Anna!!(: yea, the wedges were super comfortable!!
      I was also a bit iffy with buying the shoes from there but I just gave it shot and
      I'm pretty happy with them^_^ and aww, you have to wake up so earlyO_O
      but maybe just a bit of cardio every now and then during your day??
      I take mostly the stairs now whenever I see onelol

  5. this outfit looks really nice for summer ^w^I totally love the skirt, it reminds me of all these korean models wearing these skirts too hehe. Oh and good luck! I'm sure you can reach your goal and get perfect legs for summer ^o^ I'm currently trying to exercise a bit too to be as skinny as an 얼짱 ^-^;;; I think every girl wants to look awesome for summer where everyone is wearing shorts and skirts hehe :D Thanks for posting this ootd, Dianna ~!


    1. thank you so much for your sweet comment Mindy(:
      and I think you already look great^_^
      but if you want to exercise as well, let's try and do our best
      and stick to our goal this summer!!much luck to you!!

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    1. thank you very much love(:
      I'll be sure to check it out!!

  7. Ah, you don't have to apologize for the lack of background. It's your blog and your call. I love how elegant the maroon H&M skirt looks and I'm like you, I tend to buy things I like in 2 different colours when I can't decide which is better or when different colours are meant for different uses/occasions.

    Thank you for your lovely comment, Dianna. I have the same sentiments as you about not being a vegan but appreciating meat-free dishes. I love my meat but there are some days when too much meat is too much.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. aww, thank you so much Jo!!you're always so sweet^_^
      I actually ate mostly vegetable and tofu dishes today and
      they were delicious!!^_^ I wish I knew more meat-free recipeslol