Friday, August 16, 2013

Tree Story

So yesterday I met up with an old friend to return some books I had borrowed last year and we decided to meet at Tree Story, a really nice Korean bakery. (I'm beginning to notice that all of my posts seem to start with "So".....ohh wells, I can't think of anything else soooo d-(^_^)z.

Anyways, the bakery was really nice. The area was like a small Korean shopping center so there lots of similar bakeries around. Another one that I knew of was "White Wind Mill." I'll try to go there again sometimes and take some pictures for you guys. But here's what Tree Story looks like.

On the side of the bakery there's this really big painting of a tree, hence "Tree Story" ahah 
I tried to take a picture but it was too blurry T_T

Here's my friend Jennie(: She took a semester off to help out with her family's restaurant
but she'll be back again this fall for school. Excited to see her around^_^

James and me <(^ o ^)>, I'm getting too excited with this emoticons.

It was fun(: I also ate at Osaka, which was this sushi and hibachi restaurant we found on a whim. I got the crispy crab roll and the california roll and James got the steak hibachi. I ate a little bit off of James's plate and personally I think the hibachi was really good compared to the sushi. I'm still a fan of Ru San's sushi, it's the best so far for me d(^ _ ^)b.

I'm currently working on some cellphone keychain charms and I'll try and post them on here as soon as can, but I want to finish a good amount before I do that(: Look out for them soon!!!

See you guys later!!!

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