Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Creations: 4 New Keychains

So....school finally started-.- sighs, I hope I'll still have some time to myself even though I'll probably be getting lots of school work to do in the next few days. The wonders of college huh. Well anyways, before I started, I was able to finally finish some new key chains that I had been working on^_^
Here are some pictures I took of them. Tell me what you think!!

I'm also thinking of starting on some gold chained keychains...when I have the chance of course (>_<) ahah. My first day of school wasn't so bad and my classes are pretty good so I guess there's not much to complain about...except for the work....there's always that (¬_¬”).  But I did see a lot of people I wasn't thinking I was going to bump into on the first day. It was like everyone I ever met in university just started popping up out of nowhere....scary ahah Okay, maybe it wasn't EVERYBODY...but pretty darn close.

Well, gots to get back to work so I can't write much. I'm going to have such a crazy day tomorrow. My schedule is jam-packed so I hope I'm not too tired at the end of the day (-.-)zzzzz    

Wish me luck!!I'll see you guys later!!(^_^)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

OOTD: Cat and Black

Hey everyone!!!So here's an "Outfit of the Day" post(: It was really bright and sunny out when the pictures were taken so I spent most of the time in the shade...cause I don't like the sun (O.O) ahah

I don't have many sleeveless shirts but I definitely grabbed this one when I saw it!!It was the cat I believe ( ^_^ ) tehe. I'm planning to get some more if I find any that catch my eye. However, the fall will be coming soon so I'll once again be buried under layers of jackets. I don't mind much since I love the fall but I miss wearing summer clothes ahah But without further ado, the pictures.....

 Top: Forever21
Bottom: Love Culture
Shoes: Burlington

 A closer look at the shoes..

 I got them at Burlington for $25(:
I love shoes but I don't like paying crazy prices for them.
I actually need to stop buying shoes cause I don't even have anything to wear them to (>_<) sighs...hopefully they'll be something soon, I've been bored for too long.  

I was trying not to smile and ended up having a serious stare at the wall...nice ahah

Soooo....by the ways, did you guys notice my new layout and header/banner at the top???I love pandas, can you tell?? \(*O*)/ The banner took me pretty much all day to get it just right. I only just now started using the SAI program and it was a bit tricky at first but I think I'm getting the hang of it!!I think I'll start posting up more of my drawings when I have the chance(: Tell me what you guys think!!!!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys later!!!
Much love, (^_^)/~~

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Past Favorites

So, I thought I'd make a post as I look back at my past OOTDs. I think I'll start making them again since I just love mixing and matching clothes to create a bunch of new looks. However, I think I just get too lazy to take pictures of them ahah I will try my best from now on!!!( ^_^ )tehe

Well anyways, here they are(: Starting off with my absolute favorite!!

I love this outfit in every possible way(:
White Blouse
Olive High-waisted shorts
Gold Pumps
Feather Earrings

 Pink Sheer Sleeve-less blouse
Nude High-waisted Skirt
Skinny tan belt
Pearl Earrings

Nude blazer
Pink top
Black High-waisted Shorts
Feather Earrings

I just noticed that all three of them have a high-waisted short/skirt ahah Well, I do love me some high-waisted clothes. But anyways, they are some of my favorites, the rest were not photographed due to laziness....sighs...shame on me. I will do better though, promise!!ahah 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you guys later!!
Much love^_^

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pearls and Pendants

Hi everyone!!!So in this post I'd like to tell you what I've been doing with my time lately. Usually I do nothing but lately I've been slightly more proactive^_-....not really (p_q). But no, I've really been making key-chain charms. I don't know why I did or what happened...I just....did. But you know the key-chains I'm talking about, you know, the things people put on their phones that do nothing but make it look good....cause we're fancy like that.

 Here's what they look like so far!!I'm trying to make it so that each one is different
so there could be a bit of "unique-ness" with each of them, if that makes senseXP
Most of them have pearls for the reason that I just happen to love them^_^
I just think they look so nice and elegant. But I also love the one with the cross.
Here's the run-down: I like pearls, skulls, florals, and crosses.

Some closer looks....



Tell me what you guys think!!!! (^o^)y
Right now I only have 1 keychain with the strap instead of the keyring, 
but I ordered some and they arrived yesterday so I can't wait to start making more \(*O*)/ ahah 
See you guys later!!!


Follow Me on BlogLovin'

Hey if you'd like, you can follow me on BlogLovin'.
Here's a link!!

Much appreciated^_^

But here's a nice picture of Yoon Shi Yoon to help out the
emptiness of this post!!

My sister made this wallpaper for me since I was obsessed with him after watching the Korean drama, "Flower Boy Next Door." If you don't know the drama, you should watch it!!He was so stinking adorable in that drama!!He also had his manly moments too....I think ahah I kid I kid, he was awesomely manly cute....yea, let's go with that for now. But anyways, isn't the wallpaper nice \(^ o ^)/. Thank you awesome sister of mine^_-

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tree Story

So yesterday I met up with an old friend to return some books I had borrowed last year and we decided to meet at Tree Story, a really nice Korean bakery. (I'm beginning to notice that all of my posts seem to start with "So".....ohh wells, I can't think of anything else soooo d-(^_^)z.

Anyways, the bakery was really nice. The area was like a small Korean shopping center so there lots of similar bakeries around. Another one that I knew of was "White Wind Mill." I'll try to go there again sometimes and take some pictures for you guys. But here's what Tree Story looks like.

On the side of the bakery there's this really big painting of a tree, hence "Tree Story" ahah 
I tried to take a picture but it was too blurry T_T

Here's my friend Jennie(: She took a semester off to help out with her family's restaurant
but she'll be back again this fall for school. Excited to see her around^_^

James and me <(^ o ^)> .....man, I'm getting too excited with this emoticons.

It was fun(: I also ate at Osaka, which was this sushi and hibachi restaurant we found on a whim. I got the crispy crab roll and the california roll and James got the steak hibachi. I ate a little bit off of James's plate and personally I think the hibachi was really good compared to the sushi. I'm still a fan of Ru San's sushi, it's the best so far for me d(^ _ ^)b.

I'm currently working on some cellphone keychain charms and I'll try and post them on here as soon as can, but I want to finish a good amount before I do that(: Look out for them soon!!!

See you guys later!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation at the Beau Rivage

So this past week I went to Biloxi for vacation with my family and we stayed at a hotel/casino called "Beau Rivage." Now, the reason the title is "Vacation at the Beau Rivage" instead of "Vacation at Biloxi" is because we spent the entire week in the hotel. Why you ask?? I really have no idea why we did that, but honestly there was nowhere else to go. We went a good 5 miles down the road from the hotel and there was absolutely no awesome place that was worth going into. We stopped at a mall we found but it wasn't anything special, no great stores to note. There were mostly souvenir shops down the road. There were also a lot of seafood restaurants but I'm guessing it's because we were 50 feet away from the ocean. The hotel was right on the Gulf Coast so the view was supposed to be awesome, but sadly we got a room on the other side of the hotel which wasn't anything special except at night when there were brights lights to contrast against the night sky.

Here is the view from our hotel room. We were on the 15 floor.

Hmm...what can I say about the Beau Rivage. I personally don't gamble so the casino was of no use to me. There was also a show there called the Funambula, but I don't like the circus and clowns scare me so I stayed away from it. I do love food however, so restaurants mean everything to me. But quite honestly, the food was less than what I expected from a 4 star hotel. In the one week I stayed I only ate at the Terrace Cafe, Jia, and the Buffet so I'm only going to put up my short reviews on those three. The other restaurants may have been a lot better, but that's just me giving them the benefit of the doubt.

So if I had to rank the restaurants I would say the Buffet was the best, followed by the Terrace Cafe and Jia. I'll start with the Buffet. Now, when I say it is the best, I mean that it was the best out of all three. It is somewhat pricey, being ~$17 for lunch and ~$23 for dinner. As for the food, there was nothing spectacular. I really enjoyed the pulled pork and ribs but it seemed like there weren't that many choices since I ended up with a lot of the same items on my plate with every trip.

As for the Terrace Cafe, I'm just going to say two short sentences. They took 15-20 minutes to bring our food out to us. Also, I ordered buffalo wings and they were harder than I would've liked.

Lastly, Jia. So, it was advertised as an Asian restaurant that serves food from Vietnam, Japan, China, Thailand, and Korea. Being a lover of Asian cuisine, I really wanted to try it. However, to put it simply, I would never want to eat there again. First off, they apparently had different menus but did not inform us, so my parents didn't know they could've had the Pho until after we ordered. Not cool. Next, the food was too expensive in my opinion. I ordered the Korean short ribs and it was $32. I would've been slightly okay with it if the food was worth it, but I honestly would not have spent even $10 on it. I did not eat the hibachi so I don't have anything to say about that. Maybe it's because I expected more from them, but I was very disappointed with my experience there.

Soooooo.....I guess that's about it. Here are some pictures so this post doesn't seem too wordy.

A picture of the Buffet.

I think my favorite drink was the Mango bubble tea with strawberry tapioca balls from the Roasted Bean. The tapioca balls would pop in your mouth and have strawberry juice inside. Really cool(:

Oh, we also went to the harbor to buy loads of shrimp^_^ ahah


Hi guys!!!(: 
If you're interested, I posted some other pictures on my Instagram so you can go there and check them out if you'd like.

Overall, I would say that the Beau Rivage could have been a lot better. There wasn't anything I really loved or would go back there for. Sorry if it seems like you just read a long post about me complaining about the hotel. I just wanted to write an honest review of my experience and I really enjoy food so I take those matters very seriously!!ahah Well, school's starting in 2 weeks so I'll try to make as many new posts as I can before it begins. 

I hope you guys had a good week(: See you later!!