Sunday, July 14, 2013

So I Watched We Got Married....

So let me try to remember how this happened. I was sitting on my bed one day and my sister is looking at updates on her phone and she tells me that there's going to be a global version of "We Got Married" (a Korean variety show where celebrities go through a fake marriage). I've never really watched the show before, except for the first few episodes with kim hyun joong and hwangbo a few years back. So when my sister told me, I wasn't like "oh my gosh, let me go grab my laptop and devote the new few weeks of my life to this show", but that's kind of what happened ahah

I was curious on who the couples were so I looked it up and turns out Fuji Mina was in it. I remember her from DBSK's music video for "Why Did I Have To Fall In Love With You" (which is still one of my favorite songs by the way). I haven't really watched a drama with her yet though I know she was in one, I mostly just saw her around on the internets. But then I noticed that Lee Hongki from F.T. Island was going to be in it too, AS HER HUSBAND!!^_^tehe I was happy cause I liked him in "You're Beautiful." Though I only mostly knew of his voice. I didn't really know much else about them and their personalities so I decided to watch and find out...........and how many hours I've spent re-watching each and every single episode of theirs I have no idea.

I was seriously hooked on them. I do not know if I have ever shipped two people so much!!I mean I've gone from "oh how cute, they look nice together" to "I WANT YOU TWO TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE AWESOMELY ADORABLE BABIES" in like 2 seconds. sighs, the life of a shipper is a hard one. Now I'm not crazy like I have a shrine dedicated to them or anything but I maybe could tell you exactly how many times she smiled at him in an I said, not crazy.

(by the way, if you haven't heard of them or the show yet, you should totally get in on it and click on this link to watch it on dramafever. here's the link for the youtube page where they post videos also. They're the same, just shorter cause they cut some parts out)

Soooooooo it was all going great until yesterday when I watched the 14th episode where they were happily watching each others' childhood videos together and got the mission card/video which showed little snip bits of their memories together and suddenly at the end it said "Now prepare to say goodbye to each other..".....just how harsh can these producers get-.- You can't just do that to someone!!!I was sooooo sad, tears started raining out of my eyes when I watched the preview for episode 15 and the making video of episode 14.

I really don't want them to break up. Just watching Mina cry in the preview made me teary eyed): I understand that it's just a show, but it just pulls at your heart when you want two people to stay together so bad. sighs, I haven't watched the last episode yet, I'm planning to watch it on Friday. I guess I just don't want to cry two days in a rowO.O

Do you guys like HongMina couple too??The other global couple is Taec from 2PM and Gui Gui. I remember she was in a taiwanese drama that my sister watched some years ago. They're not really my cup of tea but I will admit that it's enjoyable watching them cause they have some pretty funny moments(:

If you have time, you should really give this global edition version a try. If you do, tell me what you think^_^ I would love to hear from you guys(: That's it for now, though I'll probably be back to rant on about it Friday ahah See you guys next time!!


  1. Lol ever since totally falling for Lee Hongki in You're Beautiful, I just couldn't stand watching him with another girl in WGM xD They are cute though :) Maybe I'll get around to watching it sometime though since you seem so fond of this couple xD

  2. They really are very adorable together!!ahah
    Tell me if you do cause I would like to hear what you think(:
    Thank you stopping by!!