Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mini E.L.F. Haul

Now, like I've already written in my first post, I'm not really into make-up that much. What I mean by that is that I don't like to buy or use a lot of makeup. I don't use face primers, bronzer, blush, tinted moisturizer or the other vast array of substances many people put on their faces. I know what they are and what they're for, but I just don't use them. This may be cause I don't really know how to ahah I mean, I know there's tutorials on them, I just don't want to go through the process of finding out which shade/tone I am or what kind works for my skin type. I have this simple routine that I go through everything and I'm pretty content with that right now(:

However, I do like to take small ventures into the make-up world every now and then. I'm kind of on a budget right now so I don't really want to go for the expensive brands especially when I don't think they're all that necessary. So E.L.F. has been very helpful in letting me branch out without hurting my wallet. Their products are inexpensive and you get more than what you pay for with most of them. There are some occasional misses but you would just have to experiment and filter them out.

So these are some of the products I've recently purchased from E.L.F. I have bought more in the past but I wanted to make a review on my most recent purchases. So below are the items along with their names, prices, and reviews by me(:

E.L.F.'s studio line brushes are definitely great brushes if you're thinking of getting them.
No complaints here so far^_^ My favorite is the Powder brush. I love it so I bought another one just in case I get crazy and lose it.

So E.L.F has this custom compact that comes with a mirror that you can get for a dollar. You can also get these refill pans from their site for a dollar each so this whole compact cost me about $5.00. I don't think it's too bad personally, especially since the I've been using the Ivory eyeshadow for about a year now and it's still there^_^ I really like it, as you can see in the picture, I've been using it A LOT. Now, individually, the Golden Gold one wasn't as "gold" as I expected but it's not that bad of a color. I use Purple when I want a smoky eye for an event and since I haven't been to any for a while, I haven't been using it much. Periwinkle is really nice for the middle crease if you're looking for a smoky eye in my opinion.

Matifying Powder: ehh, it does give a matte effect but it's not really long-lasting. I wouldn't really repurchase this.
Cuticle Pen: I kind of felt like I was just putting nice smelling water on my nails to be honest.

Lip Balm: I really like this lip balm, the colors are very pretty. I got Peaceful Pink and it has such a nice tint to it. Also, they smell really nice(:
Liquid Eyeliner: I've been using this eyeliner for a while now and I really like the precision and it stays on pretty well but I would advise that you use an eyelid primer beforehand to help that. 

 Matte Finisher: I honestly don't know why I bought this, I don't think I even like matte nails ahah But if that's your thing, this would be a pretty good buy. It dries pretty fast.
Zit Zapper: I don't like that it has a rolling tip cause it makes me feel like the nasty oils would stay on there if I roll it over an ugly pimple. I probably should've thought about that before I bought it huhlol

So those are my reviews on those products and I hope it helped out some of you guys who were thinking about purchasing them. See you next time(:

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